Verdeel & Its Surrounds

01: Let's Start This Train Wreck

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  • Isau the lonesome avenger, Krawk the drug-squire & Latitude the tinkerer were on the Blink Train, heading from the Western Desert towards Verdeel
  • As they passed through Portal 93, the train failed to teleport, leading to a violent derailment
  • Isau helped to organise the passengers away from the Blink Train
  • Krawk stole the Blink Train Capacitator, hid it, then found enough Cold Iron Weapons to kit out over 200 people
  • Latitude, ignoring the pleas for help, tried to find out what happened, noting the lost Blink Train Capacitator and the Cold Iron Weapons, but dismissed both as not being powerful enough
  • Krawk helped a wounded, Lady Gaglial, who was dressed in plain clothes and promised Krawk Backstage Tickets
  • With a Cold Iron Weapon in hand, the trio lead the passengers to a nearby Lightning Farm known locally the Testacl-oil
  • Latitude used the Sending Stones there to contact the Blink Train HQ and inform of the derailment. He was told to protect the train & begin to make his analysis of repairs
  • Due to the danger Latitude took Isau & Krawk along
  • A group of half-giants revealed themselves to be the contractors taking the weapons from point A to B, and wanted to protect their cargo
  • At the Blink Train the trio defended the train, in the process killing 1 merchant, threw another onto a grenade, with the final 2 taken into custody by the Blink Train HQ soldiers
  • Krawk was seriously molested by one of the merchants
  • Captain was leading the Blink Train HQ soldiers & repairers due to the unusual nature of the incident
  • Poop Hoops were in demand by the passengers


Neon10 Wakelord

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