Verdeel & Its Surrounds

05: Stolen Priestess & Secret Rebellions

Summary only! Expand if you like

  • Spoke with Atoll- things were starting to stall until Zam burst in & intimidated her
  • Atoll promised to bring documents & explain what she knew about the Hermit and the failing teleports at sunset
  • Krawk sold some “White Fire” to Mr Jenkins
  • The group went down to the Arse Quarter on a lead that teleporting was awry there
  • Latitude was able to confirm he was not able to teleport both because it was not working & the addition of the Dead Zone
  • A fly-dwarf monstrosity revealed he had become a freak through a failed teleport and had joined the Arse Quarter Bandits to get revenge on the police & Mayor Credence
  • Isau & Latitude infiltrated the Arse Quarter Bandit meeting spot & defeated a leader to gain acceptance & some leadership
  • Krawk & Zam met with Atoll to find her being taken captive by a green teleporting spell. This was eventually disabled.


Neon10 Wakelord

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