Zanros Felspar

Grumpy dragonborn fighter, ex-guard turned adventurer/vigilante.

  • Class: Fighter
  • Race: Dragonborn
  • Role: Defender
  • Specialties: Stickiness, punishing enemies for targeting allies.

Before he joined the adventuring party, Zanros was a low-ranking guard within Verdeel’s police force. Typically stuck patrolling the Arse Quarter and other less savoury parts of the city, Zanros was dedicated to upholding justice where ever possible. Eventually, however, he grew sick of the rampant corruption within the city guard, and instead turned to adventuring to make good use of his talents as a defender.

Following the end of the Civil War, Zanros returned to Verdeel, too stubborn to simply give up on the city. For a time, he took up the mantle of a vigilante (The Dribbling Dragon), though his identity was far from secret. Nonetheless, he did an admirable job of preventing too much in the way of looting during the city’s recovery.

At some point, Ethel got in touch with Zan and convinced him to join the Citizen’s Committee for the Revitalization of Verdeel. Exactly why he’s so willing to work alongside a city project is unclear, although he seems particularly unnerved about the bottle of Krawk Quencher that was discovered in the Tower.

Zanros Felspar

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