Verdeel & Its Surrounds

05: Stolen Priestess & Secret Rebellions

Summary only! Expand if you like

  • Spoke with Atoll- things were starting to stall until Zam burst in & intimidated her
  • Atoll promised to bring documents & explain what she knew about the Hermit and the failing teleports at sunset
  • Krawk sold some “White Fire” to Mr Jenkins
  • The group went down to the Arse Quarter on a lead that teleporting was awry there
  • Latitude was able to confirm he was not able to teleport both because it was not working & the addition of the Dead Zone
  • A fly-dwarf monstrosity revealed he had become a freak through a failed teleport and had joined the Arse Quarter Bandits to get revenge on the police & Mayor Credence
  • Isau & Latitude infiltrated the Arse Quarter Bandit meeting spot & defeated a leader to gain acceptance & some leadership
  • Krawk & Zam met with Atoll to find her being taken captive by a green teleporting spell. This was eventually disabled.
04: Returning to Verdeel
  • Fought off & taught some delinquent Blink Dogs a lesson
  • Went to Smiggyton and laid down Fat Truths to the Beigesmith
  • Returned to Verdeel
  • Explained the situation to Captain
  • Captain explained the Half Giant Gang had been cut a deal by the high ups of the police force to take the wrap for the failure at Portal 93, instead of teleporting going awry.
  • As thanks for their help the Captain gave them access to the contraband room
03: The Peoples of Dog Rock

A summary only! Please expand if desired

  • Went to Dog Rocks
  • Isau found 2 magical ritual packages
  • Krawk pooped to greet the Blink Dogs. This was taken poorly.
  • Group taken to speak with the leader about the failing teleports
  • Met the leader of the blink dogs, Ganeed
  • Krawk promised in particular to help lead the Blink Dogs in their civil rights & feels very passionate about civil rights.
  • Left Dog Rocks
  • Momentarily teleported to the In Between where they saw what they presume was the Hermit.
  • Consecrated an alter to Sagawehn the swarm god
  • Left Dog Rocks
02: Beginning an investigation

Summary only! Please elaborate if you feel inclined.

  • Taken by Blink HQ & Captain to Verdeel
  • Interrogated, praised & threatened by Captain
  • Told they would be let off the hook if they did some undercover work
  • Agreed, promising to go to Dog Rocks
  • Along the way spoke to Fouratio who promised them information if they gave her a piece of the frozen tsunami from Lomleip
  • Got on an old, slow, undercover train heading to Smiggyton – the closest stop to Dog Rocks
  • Threatened by the Half Giant gang and told to get the Cold Iron Weapons within 3 days otherwise secrets would be revealed.
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01: Let's Start This Train Wreck

A summary only – please hit [edit] if you want to expand on anything, or click through to the links!

  • Isau the lonesome avenger, Krawk the drug-squire & Latitude the tinkerer were on the Blink Train, heading from the Western Desert towards Verdeel
  • As they passed through Portal 93, the train failed to teleport, leading to a violent derailment
  • Isau helped to organise the passengers away from the Blink Train
  • Krawk stole the Blink Train Capacitator, hid it, then found enough Cold Iron Weapons to kit out over 200 people
  • Latitude, ignoring the pleas for help, tried to find out what happened, noting the lost Blink Train Capacitator and the Cold Iron Weapons, but dismissed both as not being powerful enough
  • Krawk helped a wounded, Lady Gaglial, who was dressed in plain clothes and promised Krawk Backstage Tickets
  • With a Cold Iron Weapon in hand, the trio lead the passengers to a nearby Lightning Farm known locally the Testacl-oil
  • Latitude used the Sending Stones there to contact the Blink Train HQ and inform of the derailment. He was told to protect the train & begin to make his analysis of repairs
  • Due to the danger Latitude took Isau & Krawk along
  • A group of half-giants revealed themselves to be the contractors taking the weapons from point A to B, and wanted to protect their cargo
  • At the Blink Train the trio defended the train, in the process killing 1 merchant, threw another onto a grenade, with the final 2 taken into custody by the Blink Train HQ soldiers
  • Krawk was seriously molested by one of the merchants
  • Captain was leading the Blink Train HQ soldiers & repairers due to the unusual nature of the incident
  • Poop Hoops were in demand by the passengers

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