Arse Quarter Bandit

An unfortunately named group of revolutionaries from Region 0

Latest Deeds

  • Blowing up the government building containing Dead Zone operator
  • Party in Region 0 where it was discovered that teleportation was not working despite removal of the Dead Zone. The heroes managed to convince some but not all that there was no cause to panic.
  • Dissemination of information regarding teleportation not working


  • Was ousted by Isau & Latitude in a battle of strength between Isau & the Leader

Main goal

  • To remove the teleport ban on Region 0 (the Arse Quarter)
  • The plan to do this involved blowing up Police HQ but Isau & Latitude convinced them to blow up the government building containing the magic sustaining the ban instead


  • ‘Beefman’ the elf guard
  • ‘Slumming It’ Pyree


Arse Quarter Bandit

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