HipCorp is an unusual merchant company hailing from far to the north. Relying heavily on a pyramid hierarchy within its members, HipCorp utilizes heavy branding and public image in order to dominate the market. While many merchant companies simply operate by purchasing and selling a particular subset of goods, HipCorp also invests in the production of their goods, taking advantage of that to further drive products.

Shortly after the clearing of the psionic storm that threatened Verdeel during the civil war, HipCorp trains arrived at the city with cargo cars full of care packages, ready to hand out to those displaced by the civil war and the storm… For very, very reasonable prices. It seems almost certain that they were waiting on the outskirts of the city for the storm to clear, but exactly how they chose such fortunate timing to arrive is unknown.

In the months following the tentative end of the civil war, HipCorp took advantage of the ravaged city and its people. Seeing as Verdeel’s economy was crippled and the local supplies were running low thanks to the war, HipCorp was able to set up several merchant houses across the city, over many levels. After investing heavily in local smiths and construction crews, they quickly became a driving force in rebuilding the damaged city. They then proceeded to buy out artisans, tailors and numerous other producers of local goods, in order to start selling HipCorp branded products.

If there’s one thing HipCorp does well, it’s public relations. Everything they produce and sell is branded with the company logo, and often the motto; “If it’s not hip, it’s not HipCorp”. While such a slogan is widely considered by citizens to be lame at best, it has nonetheless become plastered all over posters across Verdeel, in particular on construction sites.

HipCorp produces a wide variety of goods for the people of Verdeel. Weapons, tools, clothing, magical items… Their target audience includes both the common people of the city, as well as adventuring folk. Their most popular product is the Poop Loop, an alternative to the since discontinued Poop Hoop after Crystal Butt claimed dozens of lives.


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