The Tower

The Tower’s name is something of a mystery. Some people say it’s the Tower of Angels, given the way it seems to stretch up to the heavens. Others call it the Tower of Angles, due to the severe vertigo that comes from looking up its numerous floors from the ground level. Most sensible people simply call it the Tower, with a well-pronounced capital T.

Rumours about the Tower abound. Despite the fact that it’s been around almost as long as Verdeel, it’s difficult to find any concrete information about its origins or purpose. The party is aware of a few different theories about the Tower.

  • It was built as a temple to Dyratina, goddess of the lost.
  • It holds a great dragon’s hoard, stolen away from a wyrm by a band of daring adventurers.
  • The Tower, at some point, housed some kind of cult. Whether or not they still reside there is unknown.

Scouts sent to the Tower by the Committee explored some of the lower levels. They found the usual sorts of traps and puzzles expected by adventurers, as well as monsters that had wandered in from the wilderness. They also discovered a small stash of Krawk Quencher…

The Tower

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